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Does Your Doctor Think High Cholesterol Is Good?

Some Doctors Think High Cholesterol is Good

Any issue in which the government or the medical communities makes a claim that a substance could be damaging to your health is always challenged by a plethora of doubters, unbelievers, and conspiracy theorists.  The internet is full of these stories and cholesterol is among the pages that disclaim that high cholesterol can hurt you.  Thousands of studies on cholesterol can’t be wrong, but there are people out there, even in the medical community who believe that the cholesterol hype is just a story to get you to buy certain foods and supplements.  They believe that is the government’s way of controlling our lives.

One doctor who is against the cholesterol research is Dr. Harlan Krumholz from Yale University. 
He says that he conducted research in 1994 and found out that people with high cholesterol lived longer than people with lower cholesterol.  He even cites other studies that back him up.  His conclusion was that old people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack than did old people with high cholesterol.  People who believe in high cholesterol as a killer call this a rare exception and these results should be ignored. Dr. Barry Groves believes that the cholesterol hype is all propaganda.  He thinks instead of avoiding cholesterol laden foods, you should embrace them.  He insists that cholesterol, both high and low, is an essential part of our body and to reduce it would cause us harm. He says that in our system old cells are dying and new ones are being produced every day and cholesterol is an essential building block in which the new cells are made. He concludes that our body uses a huge amount of cholesterol everyday and to take some of that away will destroy the cell making process. Dr. Uffe Ravnskov claims that high cholesterol levels ward off infection.  His research involved studying 68,000 deaths.  He concluded that people had an increase of dying from gastrointestinal and respiratory disease if they have low cholesterol. He backed up this study by researching one hundred thousand healthy men for fifteen years.  He reported that out of such a large sample size, those subjects who were admitted into the hospital for an infectious disease had low cholesterol.  He even deputed the argument that the infection caused the cholesterol to go down.

The Journal of Medicine published a report that there is no proof that after the age of fifty there is an increase in heart or cardiac death because of high cholesterol.
  After a thirty year study, these researchers even made the claim that there is a correlation between lower cholesterol and a higher death rate earlier in life.  The final conclusion was the cardiac related death increased fourteen percent for every one milligram drop of cholesterol per year.

As with any major issue the view can be contorted any way you wish to get what you want to say about the issue.  You need to look at all views to make an informed decision about your health and about the decisions you make about high or low cholesterol.

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